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First Responders Ministry

The Flock

Ministry Mission

  • To meet the needs of people by providing immediate emergency medical assistance when unforeseen events arise


Who We Are…

  • Licensed and non-licensed medical professionals and certified volunteers trained to provide emergency assistance within the scope of their practice and training.

  • All ministry personnel are, at a minimum, CPR/First Aid certified through the National CPR Foundation.


Goals of First Responders Ministry

  • To provide basic emergency care to an ill or injured person and/or stabilize the person until care is assumed by EMT personnel while visiting Life Line Full Gospel Church or at an offsite event sponsored by LLFGC.

  • Collaborate with other ministries to meet the emergency healthcare needs of the people.


When We Meet

  • Upon initial training of new team members and as needed.  We communicate via quarterly emails for the purpose of scheduling and dissemination of information.


Contact Information:

  • Email the church administrator at

  • Contact the church administrator at (757) 930-0011.

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